“Dave Underhill’s Powerful Presentations training is a key component in our leadership development program at NWEA. Our key executives learn how to increase their leadership presence, how to deliver impactful presentations and stories that move customers to buy our products and services and how to inspire staff around our mission, values and goals. Dave models the very behaviors he is teaching - his coaching and skills are top notch.”

Toni Jaffe, Vice President of HR and Organizational Development

English Pronunciation/Accent Reduction
Learn to speak with confidence and clarity.


Improve English pronunciation and phrases for better results.If English is your second language, it can be a challenge to get your ideas across with the impact you desire.

Our training partner, Naturally Speaking, provides customized coaching and group training to help you improve your English pronunciation. Learn to choose the correct words. Practice techniques to ensure clear and accurate speaking. You will be more confident, more credible and more effective with your communication.

Naturally Speaking also specializes in working with foreign-born doctors and nurses entering the medical field. The company’s coaching and training focuses on helping these health care professionals with the regular communication that is critical for success.