“Dave Underhill’s Powerful Presentations training is a key component in our leadership development program at NWEA. Our key executives learn how to increase their leadership presence, how to deliver impactful presentations and stories that move customers to buy our products and services and how to inspire staff around our mission, values and goals. Dave models the very behaviors he is teaching - his coaching and skills are top notch.”

Toni Jaffe, Vice President of HR and Organizational Development

Customized Group Training
Sell yourself, your ideas, your organization!


Rolling out a new product? Need to communicate more effectively internally? We'll integrate our training services into your business plans. We take the time to learn your culture, customers, products and services. You experience relevant training that improves individual performance and business results. Sell yourself, your ideas, your organization!.

This interactive training gives you skills and information to deliver dynamic business presentations. Learn how to:

  • Plan and implement a strategy for selling your ideas, services or products.
  • Involve your audience in your presentation to increase their interest and buy-in.
  • Channel nervous energy by using skills that add power to your delivery.
  • Create visual aids that add impact and comprehension to your points.
  • Handle questions and interaction with confidence.

We use video extensively during the training to sharpen the skills you need to present with confidence, credibility and creativity. You receive a presentation workbook, videos from the training, presentation templates and a follow up coaching action plan.