Dave, I attended the Portland IIA meeting where you presented “Speaking With Impact”; and also took the follow up 2 hour session. It has helped me tremendously in my career, as well as improved the image of the departments I’ve worked in.

I got more out of one hour of your training than several other presentation trainings that were 8-16 hours of details.

Paula J. Brown, Senior Internal Auditor
Xcel Energy

Media Training
Tell your story, when it matters most.


Clear, concise comments are the key to media coverage.

Effectively engaging the media is key to growing your company. Whether you are an executive team about to be interviewed by international media or a spokesperson for your compamy, how you communicate is essential to your success. You need to engage people so they want to know more about about your ideas, your technology or your company. This is where our training partner, Dina Napoli, comes in.

Most people facing the media or a large audience are concerned that they don't stumble or embarrass themselves. Dina can help you past that fear.

But she also helps you set your sights higher. Dina helps clients craft messages that are invitations for greater engagement, which draw people in. Then, Dina teaches you how to take command of the opportunity. You go into high stakes communications expecting to be successful, knowing how to tell stories that are stirring and memorable and being able to answer the tough questions with ease.