“We put key executives and leaders in our organization through Dave Underhill’s Powerful Presentations.  While it’s hard to get busy executives to commit to training, everyone comes away with great learning, skill development, confidence, enthusiasm and two thumbs up on the value of the training and application to their work.”

Toni Jaffe, Vice President of HR and Organizational Development

PowerPoint For Presentations
Create visual stories that get results.

PowerPoint or any other visual aid should add clarity and comprehension to your message. Your deck should function like an ad in a campaign. Each slide should sell a benefits of one facet of your idea. Our process enhances communication through simplicity.

Presenting to executives? Motivating employees? Educating customers? With our guidance, your 'visual' presentation will add credibility and keep audience attention where it belongs - on you.

Add clarity with simple, powerful visual and verbal messages.You'll learn how to: