“Dave, thanks for your coaching.   The speech I gave in front of 20 CEO’s went extremely well.  Your help and coaching in crafting my story and polishing the delivery made all the difference. As you know I suffer from stage fright. It was so rewarding to overcome my fear of public speaking and deliver a great speech.  Of course I was still nervous but not nearly as much as I have been in the past.  Thanks again.”

Bryan Concannon, President
Concannon Lumber

One-on-One Coaching
Deliver compelling presentations. Get the results you want.


Customized speaker coaching for confidence and successful results.

Successful presentations have two equally powerful elements: Content and Delivery. The best message in the world won't stick if you deliver it poorly. A great delivery cannot overcome a confusing message.

When you're comfortable, you're also more convincing. Our coaching process is customized to your unique situation. We'll help you leverage your strengths and craft a clear, concise, compelling presentation.

We have successfully coached novice presenters, Nobel prizewinners, engineers and executives.

Your time is precious. Your message is important. Our one-on-one coaching delivers the most value for the time and money you invest.