Conversational Intelligence

Build Trust.  Lead Change.

The speed and scale of change we’re experiencing affects organizations, large and small.  Executives search for ways to rebuild trust with employees who are frustrated by shifts in strategy and organizational structure.  Leaders want to connect with new teams and gain commitment to a common vision.  And individuals work to establish trust with new groups of stakeholders and partners.

If you relate to any of these situations, you can benefit from improving your Conversational Intelligence. Through our 1:1 and team coaching, you learn how to have great conversations that engage people, build trust and create new ways of working together.  You learn:

  • How the brain reacts to change and how that impacts the way people communicate.
  • Steps to establish a foundation of trust that sets up a conversation for success.
  • The steps to transform difficult conversations into positive conversations.
  • Strategies to build and sustain momentum for your ideas and initiatives.

When you improve the quality of conversations in your organization, you create a culture where people thrive in times of change.