Presentation Skills Coaching

Take your skills, and your career, to the next level.

You have great ideas and want to make a difference.  You may also find that presentation anxiety, a complex topic or a challenging audience can get in the way of your voice being heard.  Our one-on-one coaching gives you strategies, skills and confidence to make an impact with your presentations.  Learn More!


Presentation Skills Training For Groups

Sell yourself, your ideas, your organization.

Introducing a new product to key customers? Need to engage people around the benefits of organizational change?  This interactive training gives your team strategies and skills to move their ideas, and your business, forward. They learn how to:

  • Plan and implement a strategy for selling their ideas, services or products.
  • Involve the audience in the presentation to increase interest and buy-in.
  • Use delivery skills to channel nervous. energy and build a confident presence.
  • Create visual aids that add impact and clarity to your points.
  • Handle questions and interaction with confidence.

We take time to learn your culture, customers, products and services.  You experience relevant training that improves individual performance and business results.  Learn More!

Media Training

Tell your story, when it matters most.

Effectively engaging the media is an important part of growing your company. Whether you are an executive preparing for a media road show or are a ‘go-to’ spokesperson for your company, how you communicate is essential to your success. You need to engage people so they want to know more about you, your ideas and your company.

This is where Dina Napoli, comes in.
Dina helps you get past the fear of making a mistake in these important situations. She teaches you how to take command of each opportunity.  You learn how to craft messages that engage, tell stories that are memorable and answer tough questions with ease.

You go into high stakes communications with a plan in place, expecting success. Learn More!

PowerPoint For Presentations

Create visual stories that engage and inspire.

Presenting to executives? Motivating employees? Educating customers? With our guidance, your 'visual' presentation will boost your credibility and keep audience’s attention where it belongs - on you.  Our focused coaching helps you add clarity with simple, powerful visual and verbal messages.  You learn how to:

  • Develop powerful, persuasive presentations targeted to your audience.
  • Focus on benefits that differentiate your product, service or concept.
  • Support your points with concise, compelling statements.
  • Anchor your points with strong visuals.
  • Invite your audience to actively participate in your presentation.

Once you know what you want to say, we can help you create a dynamic, visual story that adds impact to your ideas. Learn More!