Our Training and Coaching Deliver Value


“Dave thanks for coaching me on Brandlive’s investor pitch.  Your work on format and delivery was an important factor in helping us raise $3.2 million in our recent round.”

Fritz Brumder, CEO



“Dave, thanks for your coaching.   The speech I gave in front of 20 CEO’s went extremely well.  Your help and coaching in crafting my story and polishing the delivery made all the difference. As you know I suffer from stage fright. It was so rewarding to overcome my fear of public speaking and deliver a great speech.  Of course I was still nervous but not nearly as much as I have been in the past.  Thanks again.”

Bryan Concannon, President
Concannon Lumber

“Dave Underhill’s Powerful Presentations training is a key component in our leadership development program at NWEA. Our key executives learn how to increase their leadership presence, how to deliver impactful presentations and stories that move customers to buy our products and services and how to inspire staff around our mission, values and goals. Dave models the very behaviors he is teaching - his coaching and skills are top notch.”

Toni Jaffe, Vice President of HR and Organizational Development

“Dave, I attended the Portland Institute of Internal Auditors meeting where you presented “Speaking With Impact”; and also took the follow up 2 hour session. It has helped me tremendously in my career, as well as improved the image of the departments I’ve worked in.
I got more out of one hour of your training than several other presentation trainings that were 8-16 hours of details.”

Paula J. Brown, Senior Internal Auditor
Xcel Energy


"Dave is THE go-to presentation coach.   He has helped dozens of our founders / CEOs find their voice, hone their message, and achieve their goals whether that is raising capital, winning customers, or a presentation at a big conference.  As an added bonus, he is an amazing asset to the community - always willing to give his time and expertise to help make the entrepreneurial ecosystem a better place.”

Jim Huston and Angela Jackson,

Founding Partners
Portland Seed Fund